EYE PILLOW "Vino de la Manuere" Lavender and Flax

EYE PILLOW "Vino de la Manuere" Lavender and Flax


The ultra fabulous maven Luella de la Manuere has her own wine label... "Vino de la Manuere"

Her famous quote "listen dahling, age gets so much better with wine!" rings true, so we have made her wine bottle into a relaxing eye pillow, in case we 'well aged' need a little headache relief. Our gently calming, hand made eye pillow will help ease the stress of everyday tension or the dreaded wine flu.

Close your eyes... relax and inhale.... the soothing fragrance will transport you to a vinyard covered valley where you recline, dreamily floating in a sail boat on the lake. enjoy a soft breeze, and smell the warm sun gently releasing the scent of lavender. 

Feel the cool weight of the flax seeds softly pressing on your eyelids. It’s your moment.

Refresh yourself for a few minutes and before you know it, you’ll feel revived and ready to tackle anything! 

Can be warmed OR cooled if desired. 

To heat this eye pillow, place in microwave for 30 seconds

To use as a cold compress, place in freezer for 30 minutes

 Handmade by Okanagan Doodads