A pretty design for Christmas or simply for winter.

It cozies up a snowy evening with the warm glow of light it emits.

Just add wine glass and tea light for the coolest little table light!

They are safe to use with a battery operated tea light and are just so darn beautiful! You can use a chipped wineglass and give it a whole new purpose. The longer or fancier the stem, the more elegant it looks!

We can do custom designs for your very special occasion, they are great for wedding tables and wedding favours. Just ask us for details. We are happy to help you create a decor to be remembered.

The original Okanagan Doodads’ wine shades are the absolute most perfect gift! Keep them for yourself or give them away, but most of all ... enjoy!

These are NOT PAPER, they are made from Translucent 8.5 mil thick Polypropylene, brightness: 92%, opacity 78% which is a water and stain resistant matte finish (not water proof) Strong and durable, easy to clean.

White Wine size
top diameter 2 1/2 (6.5 cm)
Bottom diameter 4 1/2 “ (11.5 cm)
height (size) 4 7/8” (12.4 cm)