Custom Orders

Since we do everything ourselves, we have the ability to produce CUSTOM Wine Shades for your business or event.

For instance, say you have a business based on... ice cream and teddy bears... we can make you a completely customized design with the image of teddy bears eating ice cream... and even include your logo. If you want to make an extra strong impression, we can also do a re-design on the packaging to make your product completely unique!

If you have a wedding and you want your flowers and the bride and groom's initials in a heart, we can do that. We can make the shades in catering size and package them singly so you can use them as centre pieces as well as give them out as favours.

If you are a photographer and want to have your images on lampshades so you can sell them along with your wall art photos at craft fairs, we can help you with that! 

There are so many possibilities! We will have 3 sizes available, Red wine (large) White wine (small) and Catering (mini) sizes. There could be  minimum quantities and design charges on all custom orders.

Ask us for details, it depends on so many factors that we need to have a sit down and discuss what would work for you.


Anniversary shade table centrepieces

Heather Jones Photography "Crocus"


Hillside Winery and Bistro, Naramata Bench

St Andrews by the Sea, New Brunswick with colour changing tea light

Crazy Creek Resort, Sicamous B.C.

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