About Us


 Alice and Edna Bickerson, sisters by choice since 1963. I know, hard to believe!

    "OMG! Do I really have to do this???"

Okanagan Doodads

Alice and Edna Bickerson have been sisters by choice since 1963. One evening, during especially boisterous laughing and bickering, they had a light bulb moment. That, of course, required a lampshade!

In 2015, they decided to start Okanagan Doodads, making wine glass lampshades and other wine related souvenirs and gifts. Marcia (aka Alice) is the artist of the group, Lani (aka Edna) is the brains. Ron (aka Nelson) helps them when they get too silly and need a tie breaker. Okanagan Doodads has lots of cool designs including colour your own, they will enhance any decor. Your friends will love them and so will you!

They design, do their own artwork, print and package all Okanagan Doodads gift products right here in the Okanagan Valley. They have been actively in business for a very short time, with their debut on May 15th, 2015.

You can contact us at OkanaganDoodads@shaw.ca or through StacyStudios@shaw.ca if you have any questions, comments or wish to have your own shades custom designed.

 Luella De La Manuere

Luella is the Okanagan's most fabulous wine, art and garden maven. She just knows everything; and if she doesn't know it, she makes it up. Luella lives in Laniland BC where it is always sunny and she has a perfect life. Her garden is magazine worthy and she will be happy to tell you anything you want to know about your plants.

Ms. De La Manuere has her own wine label eye pillows and other products which she has heartily endorsed. Watch for her blog posts in the near future.