Luella De La Manuere

October 21, 2016 Marcia Stacy

The ultra fabulous Luella De La Manuere is finally ready to start her blog.

She thinks she is going to chat with all of you out there in "Interwebland" about all the things that are going on in "Laniland" where she lives. She has all sorts of plans and ideas to capture your imagination and will actually be able to help with some problems you are having in the yard. Even though it is presently winter, there is still lots going on in Zone 7 and 8. Luella is incredibly knowledgeable about gardening so ask her anything. Also, she thinks she knows all about art. She loves to use words like "juxtapose" and "scumbling". Wine, she knows... red wine in particular, she knows what she likes. Anything else? Not so much!

So, if you have any gardening questions at all, she will be happy to answer them. Otherwise, I would steer clear!

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  • Laurie

    Nov 09, 2016

    Hello Mz De La Maneure,

    I’m so glad you’re ready to chat with us plebes. I expect you will have serious circumlocution to offer in the effort to provide erudition to your adoring ignorant masses. I, myself, am an admirer and ardent follower of you and your Lanilandism.

    My question refers to the comment above “…still going on in Zone 7 and 8.”. I thought our particular zone was 5. Has climate change affected our zoning? Are we, in fact, now warm enough to keep palm trees and even true holly alive year round in the Okanagan?

    I anxiously await your musing. The deer anxiously await new plantings to nibble upon.

    Sincerely – Laurie

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