Hey, it's SPRING!!!!

March 24, 2016 Marcia Stacy

We just love all the buds, fresh new babies everywhere. But what's even better is when they begin to display their full glory. It seems to take forever and then suddenly - there are leaves on the trees, flowers in the fields and blossoms in the orchards. 

Kind of reminds me of a wine glass lampshade! I struggle with my pencil drawing, erasing and redoing, building and changing. Then all of a sudden it's all working and time to ink it in. Too bad that's not the end of it.

I bet you thought I was going to say, "and there it is in it's full glory!"

Actually, it's almost more like the next beginning. Now I have to scan the design. Then I have to colour it, and it has to be the best ever colouring because it's going to become a pre-coloured shade as well as a colour your own design. That's when it starts to show it's full potential.

OK, so now it's coloured, I have to scan it again. Then make sure all the colours translate. It seems that when red and turquoise are in the same design, you can only have one, not both! I want both!! After many hours of tweaking, Ron and I have decided that we're happy with it. Now it has to be attached to the template for the shade printing. Once that's done it gets emailed to Lani who is in charge of printing them three up.

Then we take them to Kelowna where our friend Fritz does the die cutting. They come back to us ready to package. Sometimes we have a party with our girlfriends and package a bunch. Each of us has a specific job, one inserts the card in the bag, one inserts the shade, and one folds and tapes. Lani counts them all and fusses over them, putting them in their proper place in the "Doodad Room".

OK, this is when we can say - YAY! they are real! Fully bloomed and ready for harvesting.

Oh, oh, that's where we run into trouble. Selling is not what we do well! We need to get them out there where the public can see them, buy them, bring them home as a memory of the Okanagan Valley.

We have done a good job for our first year in business, though. Especially considering we missed the spring buying season last year. It's Lani's busy time in the greenhouses, horticulturalists are overwhelmed in the spring time.

Regardless of the hurdles, we are managing to get them out. They are flying off the shelves at Hillside Winery, Gardenworks, Summerland Sweets, in the Yukon, and many more outlets. We have them in Butchart Gardens, Crazy Creek Resort in Sicamous, and we are working on a custom order for St. Andrews by the Sea in New Brunswick.

Considering doing a wholesale gift show is next on the list. That way we can get them seen by all the retailers. They are a great product! Put them on a wine glass, insert a tea light, and ENJOY!

We love our little buds.



  • Jody Kopec

    Jun 03, 2016

    Hello. I received two of your lampshade designs for Christmas, as well as the Lavender eye pillow. I just want to say how much I Love them all. I think you are on to a fantastic group of products, and I might be able to help out in the marketing area of your company. My cousin is a marketing guru out of Canmore, Alberta, and one of my great girlfriends is the owner of Lush. She and her husband have a whole team of people that sell, sell, sell, and then sell some more. So….if you are interested, she is in Africa right now, but has a place at the Cove, and will be here this summer. I would love to show her a sample of your product. As she travels around the world all the time looking for new products and ingredients, it might just fit in for her. Otherwise, I can contact my cousin in Canmore and see if she has any ideas to market your products.
    As I said, I just think it’s one of the best idea’s ever!!!

    My phone: 250-309-3911 or my e-mail:

  • Laurie

    Apr 17, 2016

    I love getting a peek into the workings of creative activity. Knowing a little bit about the process gives me way more appreciation for the patience, effort, and persistence that goes into giving the ideas life. Thanks for this window, Okanagan Doodadders. Keep up the excellent work and continued good luck in making those sales. Your products are well worth the attention!

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