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February 27, 2015 Lani Morris

Alice and Edna Bickerson are sisters by choice. They love to work, dream, bicker and drink wine together.

What do you get when a professional artist and a horticulturist get together on a project?

Hold your horses, you will find out on Friday, May 1st, 2015

One evening, Alice (AKA Marcia Stacy) and Edna (AKA Lani Morris), were bickering as usual when  a lightbulb moment happened! And of course that required a lampshade. That was when "Okanagan Doodads" was born. 

Now, they are busy producing the most interesting of souvenirs, from vintage to fresh new designs reminiscent of the fabulous Okanagan Valley and beautiful British Columbia.

The original Okanagan Doodads are the absolute most perfect gift you can take home from your holiday!

They’re cool looking, easy to pack in a suitcase, and way less than $20. These nifty items will enhance any decor.. they’re a great little souvenir., Your friends will love them, and so will you. 

Keep them for yourself or give them away, but most of all ... enjoy!

Our debut is May 01, 2015. Watch for our exciting products and let us know what you think!

We can't wait to get your feedback on our stuff! Aren't these doodads great??!!


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