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Luella's Vino de Jour

November 02, 2017 Lani Morris

Hello dahlings! I am finally attempting to write to you on the many things I know all about starting with "Vino de Jour". My libation of the day is Villa Regia, Douro from Portugal, well aged from 2014. Nice and cheap! Well, I tell you, my pallet (malapropism) tells me I love this plonk, actually, any red type plonk will do.   

April showers bring May Flowers

April 05, 2017 Marcia Stacy

It's starting to warm up and green up, before we know it, I'll be complaining that it's too hot!  So, time for a nice lake picture to soothe your soul and get you thinking spring!

It's March and it's still snowing!

March 10, 2017 Marcia Stacy

Snow, snow and more snow! It just doesn't seem to end. We just had a mother big dump of pretty, wet, heavy flakes that is leaving us with loads of puddles today. I think it's time for some warm winds and sunshine to start the blooms and the overall greening. Meanwhile, we have finally finished our new catalogue of products. 12 pages of fabulous things to get put in people's suitcases and spread around the world. If you have any Doodads in foreign countries, send us a picture to post and we will send you a prize! It needs to...

It's Christmas Time

December 07, 2016 Marcia Stacy

Here are some pictures from our recent shows.

Luella De La Manuere

October 21, 2016 Marcia Stacy

The ultra fabulous Luella De La Manuere is finally ready to start her blog. She thinks she is going to chat with all of you out there in "Interwebland" about all the things that are going on in "Laniland" where she lives. She has all sorts of plans and ideas to capture your imagination and will actually be able to help with some problems you are having in the yard. Even though it is presently winter, there is still lots going on in Zone 7 and 8. Luella is incredibly knowledgeable about gardening so ask her anything. Also, she thinks she knows all...